The World Federation of Taiwan issued the heaviest ticket, and China snooker suffered a "dark moment"

Snooker, which is in the off-season, suddenly rushed to the forefront of the hot search list, but the reasons and methods were not very glorious. Yesterday, the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (official website) issued a heavy ticket, and 10 China players were punished for fixing the game. Among them, Liang Wenbo and Li Hsing were banned for life, and Yan Bingtao and Zhao Xintong were also involved, and their bright future was almost ruined. The China Billiards Association subsequently announced that it would severely punish the players involved and carry out industry warning education.
Caption: China Billiards Association issued an official announcement.
In the impression of many people, most snooker players have good temperament and decent speech, and they can "arrange" more than ten balls on the table accurately and pleasing to the eye. This paper announcement not only shakes the ball, but also reminds all competitive sports players, including snooker players, that what is more important than superb skills is excellent professionalism.
Ming Ming knows not to do, but deliberately violated.
Yesterday, with this news, it was the essay topic of Shanghai college entrance examination-"Is a person willing to explore a strange world just because of curiosity?" Many sad snooker fans borrow hot spots to ask: "Are some China players going astray just because of curiosity?" Unfortunately, the answer is obviouslyno. The main reason why they know that they are violating the rules but still go their own way lies in their lack of respect for the rules.
Caption: Liang Wenbo was banned for life. Photo by Xinmin Evening News reporter Li Mingxi
It is true that the commercialization of snooker and other billiards is far less than that of tennis and golf, and the income of players is relatively limited, but this cannot be the reason for players to touch the red line. "When you take billiards as a profession, you must always be in awe of the rules, because every game is your stage. As a professional player, you should cherish every second and be responsible for your actions." Jeanette lee, who has occupied the first place in the women’s nine-ball world for a long time, is now actively fighting the disease. Every time she talks about the secret of success, she will emphasize the importance of rule awareness. Unfortunately, the 10 China players who were punished by the World Snooker Association did not realize this.
"I failed to live up to the trust of the fans and shamed China snooker. I deeply apologize to everyone and sincerely apologize." After learning the punishment result, Zhao Xintong, currently ranked 9th in the world, expressed his apologies through social media, but he and several other players involved failed not only countless fans who stayed up all night watching the ball and China billiards, but also the simple but meaningful title before his name-"Professional Player".
Caption: Zhao Xintong apologizes
Damage development
"I saw countless simple billiard tables on the street in China. People like to play billiards very much and the atmosphere is very good." A few years ago, every time I came to China to participate in the competition, Selby, Allen and other famous players always mentioned with envy the strong mass base of billiards in China. Among them, Liang Wenbo, Yan Bingtao, Zhao Xintong and other new billiards stars who emerged after Ding Junhui have played a significant role. Therefore, the severe punishment of many star players this time will also have a certain impact on the future development of billiards and snooker in China.
At the closing ceremony of the 17th Shanghai Sports Meeting at the end of last year, Xiao-Ting Pan, nine-ball queen, talked about the influence of star players on the development of the project in an interview with reporters. "Since Ding Junhui became famous for snooker, billiards has gradually torn off the label of minority, and more and more people, especially teenagers, are participating in it." At that time, Xiao-Ting Pan lamented that an influential player can bring a broader development space to the industry than expected. "No matter whether it is snooker or nine balls, it needs a star, which will make the project enter a benign track of sustainable development."
Caption: Yan Bingtao data map Xinmin Evening News reporter Li Mingxi photo
Xiao-Ting Pan was right. After Yan Bingtao won the 2021 Snooker Masters Championship, the number of people who participated in the billiards events of Shanghai City Amateur League was much higher than before, and all kinds of billiards training classes in Shencheng became popular. Many children planted their dreams of billiards after seeing Yan Bingtao reach the top. Nowadays, the original idol is banned, which not only damages his personal image, but also the overall image of China snooker and the thriving youth reserve talent system.
Although all players except Liang Wenbo and Li Hsing can return to the arena after the suspension period expires, the overall development of snooker in China and the future of related derivative fields are inevitably shrouded in dark clouds. Many people say that time is the best medicine to heal wounds, but it is true that China snooker suffered a "heavy blow" in this early summer, and the healing time may be longer than expected. (Xinmin Evening News reporter Lu Yuxin)